12+ DIY Fun Projects to do with your Kids



Paper Dream Catchers

Let these paper dream catchers provide kids wonderful dreams for a good night sleep. Click here on how to make one.


Paper Lantern

Add a splash of color to your children’s room with this rainbow paper lantern. Click here for details.



Egg Carton Boats

Sail away with this quick egg carton boat during a pool day. Click here for details.



Bubble Painting

Along with playing, your kids could also print bubbles. Know how in here.


Button Ring

Girls love jewelries and you can add some more to her collection with these button rings. Click here for tutorial.





Newspaper Forts

Help your kids’ make their own hideaway from newspaper. Click here for tutorial.





Glow in the Dark Jellyfish

This glow-in-the-dark jellyfish is a perfect decor in your kids’ room. Click here to make one.




Grass Heads

Your kids will never get enough of these crafty grass heads. Click here on how to make one.


Helicopter Made from Plastic Bottle

Made from recycled materials, this craft is definitely a winner to your kids. Click here for details.



Shadow Puppet Theater

Your kids will enjoy this shadow puppet theater and it is very easy to set up. Click here on how.



Bookshelf Dollhouse

If a dollhouse is out of budget, then no worries because you can make an old bookshelf to a wonderful dollhouse. Click here for details.



Outdoor Music Station

Turn those kitchen utensils into something fun – an outdoor music station. Click here on how to do it.

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