14+ Fun Activities for Kids

DIY Jellyfish

Paper plates and yarn transform into these denizens of the deep. If you use glow-in-the-dark acrylic paint, you can even see their "bioluminescence" in action when you turn out the lights.

DIY Nature Craft Bugs

Your kids can use things they find in nature to replicate what they see in the great outdoors. The secret to this craft is using a coat of Modge Podge to make the bugs shiny (and keep the leaves from drying out).

DIY Thumbprint Family Tree

Get in touch with your roots via a hands-on genealogical project. Dot the print-out template with thumbprint leaves, then start mapping extended relatives galore.

DIY Paper Bracelets

We love a two-for-one activity: First, paint abstract shapes with watercolors, and then have older kids cut the paper into strips and fold them into wearable art.

DIY Flight School

These paper planes are perfect for kids — just fold, and let your imagination fly. Increase the challenge by making some cardboard targets for the planes to fly through.

DIY Owl Puppet

Handprint turkey, step aside: A new paper craft can rule the roost. Add string to the cup's sides, and you've got yourself a feathered cap, too.

DIY Fairy Garden

To you, it's just glitter; to them it's magical pixie dust. Sprinkle some over your pint-sized garden and wait for the fairies to come out and play!

DIY Polka Dot Slime

Because the only thing better than making a mom-approved mess is doing so with the extra fun of polka dots. (Can you guess what they're made from?)

DIY Temporary Tattoos

Celebrate your kid's love of doodling by making temporary tattoos out of her own art. It's a project that bends (but doesn't break!) your mess-minimizing rules.

DIY Crystal Names

It's a twist on the classic science fair exhibit: Bend pipe cleaners into letters or shapes, and watch them grow sparkles overnight in a borax solution.

DIY Magic Wands

Fashion straws into 3D shapes for an activity that's one part science, one part silly fun with bubbles.

DIY Nail Polish Marble Art

Let your kids dip into your stash of never-going-to-wear-again nail polish for an artsy afternoon.

DIY Toy Parachute

A paper napkin and some string is all you need to turn a figurine into a mini paratrooper. Plus, it's kid-approved: This blogger's son called the toy "the best craft ever."

DIY Fireworks in a Glass

When food coloring, olive oil and water mix, the result is so mesmerizing that kids will want to watch it happen over and over again.


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