7 DIY Industrial Shelves to Build


Use Plumbing Fixtures for Shelf Brackets

Joanna Gaines made this style of industrial shelf popular on her hit show Fixer Upper. Now, there are various tutorials that will show you how to achieve these simple pipe shelves. This example from Cherished Bliss is easy to follow and provides ideal dimensions for bathroom shelving. One tip to remember is that once you have your measurements, most home improvement stores will cut and thread the pipe for you.

How to Build DIY Industrial Shelves from Cherished Bliss




Hang Floating Rectangular Shelves

Not all shelves need large metal accents to be considered industrial. These nearly-floating shelves from Ohoh Deco have very small metal braces on the inner corners of the rectangle that speak to the industrial trend. Also, your wood color matters here. Stain the wood a dark, rich tone for a more moody, rustic appearance.



Put Industrial Shelves in a Corner

Homes that are short on space would benefit from some corner shelves like the ones you see here from The Navage Patch. The industrial shelves might not add much in the way of storage, but they will give you a spot to store your favorite decor pieces.


Add Industrial Touches to Floating Shelves

If you look closely, you’ll see that these floating industrial shelves from Vintage Revivals have the smallest industrial touch on the corners. The overall look is seamless and doesn’t look as bulky as some shelving units. Check out her tutorial to find out how to build something similar.

DIY Industrial Modern Floating Shelves from Vintage Revivals


Make Shelves Completely Out of Metal

These hanging shelves repurpose multiple metal building supplies to create a series of narrow shelves that are perfect for displaying knick-knacks. To soften the look, consider displaying more feminine items on the shelves like flowers and pastel-colored dishware.




Build an Industrial Shelving Unit

Freestanding industrial shelves are perfect if you have some heavier items you need to store, like books or lamps. These shelves can take the place of console tables or bookshelves while maintaining a narrower footprint. If you have extra floor space, consider building this shelving unit from Love Create Celebrate.




Take Out the Bulky Elements

To give this industrial shelving unit a lighter feel, Unoriginal Mom decided to use thinner wood shelves that were stained in a lighter color. If you want to make an area appear larger and the unit less heavy, use those tricks and space out the plumbing brackets as far apart as possible.

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