7+ DIY Kids Games : Useful Games For Child Development

7 Great Toys You Can Do at Home for Your Child.

Would you like to make great toys for your kids to play with? We have listed the toy suggestions you can make at home.

You don’t have to go to a toy store or spend hours wandering between shelves to give your child toys to excite him. It is quite easy to make wonderful toys from the materials available at home!

1. Pinball

The materials you need are:

A shoe box,

Several rods,

A tiny ball

Pegs in double colors.

If you keep the playground small, even your child who has just started walking can easily follow the game.

2.Shadow Puppets

You can make a quality puppet theater with a cardboard box and a few pieces of paper!

Go ahead and play with your child!

Also note that puppets develop children’s imagination and creative thinking skills.

Puppets also help children develop finger muscles and hand-eye coordination.

3-Hand Drums

It is quite easy to make drums.

But we have to warn you, no more silence in your house!


You will understand what the maze addiction.

Now it’s time to shake the maze!


You can make this pinwheel in 10 minutes,

but your kids will play for hours.

6-Changing Faces

Your child can have a nice time by changing the expressions of the face you prepared for her.

Recognizing facial expressions is very important for children to understand emotions.

7-Hoop Throw

Cut of the inside of the plastic plates and paint the remaining parts.

Secure a paper towel carton to the floor.

This will be the target of the circles.

This toy not only amuses your children but also improves their agility by allowing them to focus.

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