Baby Feeding Equipment

  • You need to focus on many factors for your baby who needs your care. One of the most important of these is the nutrition which directs the sensitive health of the baby. After the 6-month development of the baby, while introducing him to different foods, some instruments will facilitate his work and contribute to maintaining the health of the baby. For this reason, we recommend that you examine 9 examples of infant feeding equipment we have brought together.

1. Food Thermos

Once your baby starts to move and your perceptions begin to develop, it’s time to introduce him to the outside world. You may also need to go out with your baby for your own private work. In such cases, it will not be right for you to spend the feeding time of your baby and wait for her to return home after hours. At this point, the thermos are the ideal helper.

The food thermos, which is a portable product that will keep the milk or food you prepare for the baby at the appropriate temperature, is the main product that should be in the horse bag. Food thermos is a stainless steel product. In this way, it keeps the temperature of the food in a constant degree for hours. The brands that maintain this temperature for up to 24 hours are available on the market.

2. Exercise Cup

As soon as babies are born, they have a sucking reflex and feed on these habits during the first six months. But after the 6th month of your baby, you need to turn your sucking habit into eating. At this point, you can use the exercise glass in the transition from bottle to formula.

Exercise cup is a product that will enable the baby to reach a big stage in the transition period to additional nutrients. After you start using these glasses, your baby may start drinking water, milk or other useful liquids with the normal cups. The most basic features of an exercise glass are that it does not drip, is easy to use and maintains the temperature for a long time.

Let’s offer you a great product with nothing less than this, Bedebor Insulated Straw Lapping Cup! You ask why?

Thanks to the soft water gutter made of silicone, it is very comfortable to use and can adapt to the baby’s transition from bottle to glass in a short time.
The easy-to-open lid keeps the pipette clean and prevents water drainage when the lid is closed. So it does not leak any. My baby got dirty, his clothes got wet.
Thanks to the special silicone under the insulating surface and lid, it maintains the temperature of the drinks for a long time and keeps them fresh. You can use it for any beverage you can think of, such as fruit juice, milk and water.
Bebedor Insulated Straw Cup, made of PP material and made of BPA free polypropylene. All parts are in line with EU health standards and they also take care of the baby’s health.
After each use you can wash and rinse with hot soapy water, cleaning is also practical.

3. Food Scale Container

The food you prepare for the baby should be easily transported and adjusted at certain doses. At the same time, after the first 6 months of infant feeding, you will often have to carry your food with you and leave your baby with milk when you are not at home. At this point, the food scale container will serve as a transport and storage container for which you can place an average of three doses of milk powder.

4. Fruit and Vegetable Net

After the first 6 months, it is a good idea to make your baby easier and start to eat solid foods without any danger. One of the most important process issues is that the baby acquires the habit of chewing and swallowing after starting additional foods. As an ideal solution, you may prefer fruit and vegetable nets.

This product has a spout-shaped grip. The rim consists of a cotton or polyester mesh. The baby begins to chew the fruit or vegetables that are put in this net. The tiny solid particles pass through the pores of the net into the mouth of the baby. In this way, large parts of the baby’s throat is not possible to run into the throat and is comfortable for you.

5. Feeding Bottle and Food Warmer

Food and milk at the appropriate temperature are more easily digested in the baby’s body. In other words, you need to have a certain temperature in order to give the milk and formula that you prepared for your baby. Cold food and drinks can also make your baby sick. To eliminate these problems, you may have a bottle and food warmer. This apparatus will also avoid the use of a container for cooking on the stove other than a bottle or a food container.

6. Steamer and Blender

If your baby’s sixth month is up, it’s time for you to develop your formula-making skills. You should start preparing natural and healthy foods for your baby with your own hand. The steamer and blender will make the process easier. After cooking the vegetables and fruits, you can bring them to the consistency with the blender. In this way, you will not have to buy ready-to-eat formula continuously and you will contribute to the health of your baby.

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