Drop the Phone Play with your child: Home Games

Time is smartphones period, phones do not fall from the hands of their parents, and parents give children a phone / tablet to sit quietly, but what your child needs is to learn new information, have fun and play.
drop the phone and play with your child.
Especially in winter, you can play with your child.
Here are some examples you can play with your child in this article

1- Balloon tennis

This tennis another! The ingredients you need to play this game are two plastic plates, 2 wooden rods and a balloon! First, glue it to the back of the plastic plate with an adhesive in the middle of the wooden sticks. Then inflate the balloon and give one of the plate rackets to your child and take one. And let the game begin! Throw the balloon towards each other with plate rackets. We have rated this game in the category of games that can be played at home, but you can also play outside in beautiful and windless weather.

2- Band motorway

This game will make especially happy boys! The boys’ interest in cars is obvious. So your duty is to provide him with a beautiful highway where he can enjoy his car! To do this, all you need is colored tapes and a flat floor. This floor can be over carpet or parquet. You can make your child a flat, zigzag or spiral highway with the tapes and drive the toy cars with him. For the child who is bored in cold weather, you can create fun home games with tapes

3- Finger wrestling

Everyone knows finger wrestling! To play this game you must first clamp the hand of your child and your own hand, but the thumbs must remain in the air. The aim here is to have the agility of the opponents’ thumbs under their fingers. this game that will stimulate your child reflexes. This game develops the child’s fine motor skills at the same time,

4- Word hunt

In word hunt you have to choose a syllable to tell your child. For example, let this syllable be “bal”. Ask your child to find at least 5 words beginning with a syllable (balcony, balloon, etc.). With this game your child’s vocabulary will expand and pronounce words will be arranged.

5- Yes-No game

A classic! There are probably no adults who don’t play this game. In this game you have to ask your child various questions and your child should not answer yes or no. For example, the question you ask is “are you going to school?” If the child “yes” or “no” instead of “I’m going” should say. Start easy at the beginning but ask questions that will force your child over time

6-Story game

Kids are writing this story! First, you can take a book your hand and start by saying “Once upon a time”. Then tell him to bring the rest of the story with his own ideas. With this game your child’s imagination will emerge and develop!

7- Ear to Ear game

One of the fun games to be played at home, which can be enjoyed by crowded families, In this game, everyone sits side by side and the first person says a word to the next person’s ear in a way that others do not hear, The last person to hear the word, say the word out loud. So the word is checked as it was first said and understood whether it was said to the end. In this game the word usually does not end as said.

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